Thank you to our Spring 2022 MBA Interns

Each semester at CEV benefits from MBA and undergrad interns that join our team. Our interns support due diligence efforts, build sub-sector roadmaps, and help with other special projects as true CEV team members.

Each semester, Clean Energy Ventures and our sister organization Clean Energy Venture Group (CEVG) have been fortunate to have the opportunity to leverage the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) internship program to source candidates for our climate tech VC internship program. This program brings us highly qualified graduate and undergraduate students who have a passion for clean energy and fixing climate change. Hiring interns from all backgrounds, walks of life and geographies is also something that’s important to our organization as we try to diversify the talent and perspectives in this industry; the MassCEC program has helped us discover interns that can add to our dynamic work environment each semester.

Hear directly from some of our interns about their experience this past semester in our VC internship program:

Prajya Sharma

Harvard University

I interned with CEV as a part time intern over Spring while pursuing my MBA and I had the most phenomenal experience! I had heard wonderful things about the CEV team all former interns and I experienced it firsthand – from day one they made me feel like I was a part of the team and there was a lot of emphasis on ensuring that we as interns have a steep learning curve and make the most of the internship.

I supported due diligence for two companies in the carbon capture and electro-thermal storage space where I worked on developing competitive landscape and SWOT analysis. I also did a deep dive on the green hydrogen opportunity, especially focusing on analyzing the viability of large-scale projects and consequently investment opportunities in the green H2 supply chain. From working with CEV experts to interviewing startup founders, investors, H2 business heads in mid to large size energy companies, this project helped me holistically understand a segment holistically, including impact of policy, technology and demand and supply dynamics for emerging tech.

Through my work I got exposure to some of the most promising technologies in climate tech and learnt to critically analyze business models, GHG impact and revenue potential by supporting CEV in the screening and early diligence exercise for early-stage startups where my peers and I analyzed 50+ companies.

I am incredibly grateful for my experience at Clean Energy Ventures. While I not only gained the skills and insights, but the highlight of my experience was also  the opportunity to work with and learn from the most passionate, incredibly experienced yet humble team of investors. 

Brennan Murray

Tufts Fletcher School

My experience at CEV checked all the boxes and then some. First and foremost, the firm is a team of great people that felt like a family. They are smart, thoughtful and laser-focused on creating real value for their portfolio companies and the world.

I was able to do meaningful work in each stage of the investment cycle, from company screening to diligence to portfolio support. I also supported principals with research on environmental, health and safety best practices.

I particularly enjoyed helping portcos identify talent for critical roles they were hiring for in a tight labor market. The work reinforced CEV’s philosophy of going above and beyond for their companies, which left a strong impression on me.

The energy transition is no doubt confusing and sobering at times, but I deeply appreciate the role CEV is playing to capitalize the most promising climate tech startups. They are confident in their model, and they execute it well. It was a privilege to learn from the team as I launch my career in investment management.

Kareem Stanley

Harvard University

CEV is a special place. They approach venture capital in a way I haven’t seen it done before, and it’s incredibly refreshing. The team they’ve built at CEV is nothing short of world-class, and I thoroughly enjoyed addressing tough technical problems and thinking through intricate leadership issues throughout my internship.

My most memorable assignment was developing the techno-economic model for an investment that came to fruition. It took the engineering skills from my background and the financial training I’ve gained during my MBA and meshed them seamlessly. The CEV team was incredibly supportive, listened to my recommendations, and agreed with the assumptions I embedded in the model. The opportunity to iterate on a model with a company founder and CEV’s management truly made me feel like part of the team.

The most striking thing about my time at CEV was the breadth of experience I gained in such a short period of time. I set a medley of goals at the outset of my internship, and I expected to accomplish half if I was lucky. The team heard me out as I listed out my goals, and helped me to accomplish all of them and more! I got to sit in on fundraising calls and peer-VC conversations. I got to listen to company pitches and work with management teams to structure their business plans and strategy. I got to see a few investments close and gave my input on deals that ultimately weren’t a good fit for the fund. I could go on and on, but I’ll say this to encapsulate my thoughts — I’ll surely look back at my time at CEV as a formative experience in my career.

Josh Fairman

Duke University

Interning this past spring at CEV was an engaging and valuable experience. I tremendously enjoyed having the opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of startups working to achieve decarbonization across several industries. 

Over the course of the internship, I was able to complete diligence of several potential investments, completing competitive analysis, assisting with SWOT meetings, and participating in investment review calls. Especially exciting was contributing to the diligence for Copper Labs – now a CEV portfolio company. Other projects I was able to work on over the spring included collaborating with other interns to improve CEV’s sourcing and screening efforts, engaging in portfolio company support, and researching and delivering an in-depth investment thesis on the overlap between climate mitigation and adaptation.

I am grateful to have worked alongside such great people at CEV. Engaging with all the team members throughout the internship taught me a great deal about the venture capital space, climate tech, and entrepreneurship. I am excited to build on the knowledge and experience I gained at CEV in my future pursuits within the clean energy ecosystem.