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This application is for early-stage advanced energy companies seeking funding from Clean Energy Ventures and/or the Clean Energy Venture Group, our sister organization of angel investors. As sister organizations, we share a single investment pipeline for all prospective investments, giving you access to more funding opportunities via a single application.

We commit to screening 100% of our online submissions. Every company we fund goes through this submission process – whether you met us at an accelerator event, heard us speak at a conference, or found us online.

We assign a group of over 20 team members to review each submission that passes a basic pre-screening and ensure that your application receives a fair review. In return for our commitment to review your submission, we ask that you are thorough and thoughtful in your responses. There may be questions you don’t know how to answer, but please make your best effort to provide thoughtful responses.

The following criteria are used when evaluating companies seeking investment. Please read these carefully before submitting an application for investment.


Your company’s technology, products, or services have the potential to significantly mitigate climate change through the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) associated with the production, distribution, or use of energy.


We invest in, and with, people who desire to change the world — those with the highest integrity, expertise, and commitment to a clean energy future. Management teams must possess the necessary experience and capabilities to successfully execute their business plan.


We typically lead the first institutional round of investment in early stage companies with valuations appropriate for their current stage of technology development and market growth potential (for reference, public data indicates the median seed stage valuation is $5.0M).

Factors we consider include the size of the target market, strong understanding of potential customer needs, the strength of sustainable competitive advantage, and whether there are strong exit options within a 3-6 year period.


We invest in companies headquartered in North America, Europe, and Israel.