SparkMeter offers a smart-meter mini-/micro- grid technology designed to bring distributed power to off-grid, rural communities (300 to 30,000+ meter systems) as well as central grid distribution utilities in African and Asian emerging markets.

The company has significant traction in these markets with more than 40,000 meters already installed, a robust pipeline of 100k’s more meters, as well as a strong group of existing investors. Visit site

Dan Schnitzer, SparkMeter CEO
Dan Schnitzer

Chief Executive Officer

Leading Edge Crystal Technologies, spun out of Applied Materials, specializes in mono-crystal silicon (Mono-Si) wafer technology. Mono-Si wafers are the core component of modern solar energy panels, and this technology can produce the wafers at one-third the cost of existing Mono-Si methods with greater power performance and a longer lifetime. The LECT Mono-Si wafers will significantly lower the cost of future solar energy production, an industry that is growing exponentially. Visit site
Rick Schwerdtfeger, CEO
Rick Schwerdtfeger

Chief Executive Officer

Boston Materials produces a supercomposite that provides drastic improvements in mechanical, thermal, and electrical performance over commercially-available carbon fiber composites. Supercomposites enable the construction of drastically lighter yet stronger components to accelerate breakthroughs in the energy and transportation sectors, while saving manufacturers time and costs.

Boston Materials’ Supercomposites can enable the reduction of over 100M tons of GHGs from the light weighting of air transportation alone. They also can utilize up to 50% reclaimed/recycled fibers, demonstrating the first instance of “upcycling” in the carbon fiber value chain. Together, the performance and lifecycle enhancements of Supercomposites can redefine the state-of-the-art in composite materials. Visit site

Anvesh Gurijala, Boston Materials CEO
Anvesh Gurijala

Chief Executive Officer

LineVision is dedicated to helping utilities optimize the performance of the electric power grid by improving transmission line capacity, reliability, and safety through advanced sensors and analytics. Their solution provides utilities with previously unavailable visibility on asset health and safety for optimized performance.

LineVision’s turnkey, non-contact, systems can be rapidly deployed without the need for outages, live line work, or specialized equipment. Visit site

Hudson Gilmer, LineVision CEO
Hudson Gilmer

Chief Executive Officer

Pearl Certification provides third-party certification of high-performing homes across the nation: homes with features like solar, energy efficient HVAC, smart home devices, and much more. Through its network effect business model, which drives demand for home improvements and captures value for resale and appraisal, Pearl will transform the residential market by certifying 5% of the US housing stock in five years. The company sells its certification through approved contractor and real estate channel partners, helping to market differentiate and grow these high-quality local businesses. Pearl’s partners include ENERGY STAR, the National Association of Realtors, and the Appraisal Institute. Visit site

Cynthia Adams, Pearl Certification CEO
Cynthia Adams

Chief Executive Officer

Rebound Technologies is an advanced refrigeration development firm revolutionizing the global cooling industry. Rebound’s IcePoint® cooling system utilizes a new thermodynamic cycle to create dynamic cooling capacity that improves the effectiveness of cooling systems while also reducing energy consumption and overall costs. Headquartered in Denver, Rebound was founded in 2012. Visit site, or read about our Rebound investment.

Kevin Davis

Chief Executive Officer

ConnectDER’s mission is to make clean, distributed resources the default source of energy for the 21st century. ConnectDER products are used by some of the largest electric power utilities and solar companies throughout the U.S. to simplify and accelerate the integration of distributed resources with the grid. The company’s flagship product, the Smart ConnectDER™ turns the utility meter socket into a grid-friendly plug-and-play solution for adding electric vehicles, energy storage, and solar to residential homes. Visit site, or read about our ConnectDER investment.

Whit Fulton

Chief Executive Officer

ClearFlame Engine Technologies is taking the diesel fuel out of the diesel engine. We are commercializing a revolutionary combustion technology that allows heavy-duty engine manufacturers to produce engines at lower cost, with higher performance and drastic emissions reductions. ClearFlame’s engine modification enables diesel engines to run on cleaner burning, sootless fuels in the most efficient manner, unlocking benefits in cost savings, performance, air quality, and carbon mitigation. This engine technology is applicable across heavy-duty transportation, distributed power generation, marine, agriculture, construction, mining, and locomotive industries. Visit site or read about our investment.

BJ Johnson - ClearFlame Engines
BJ Johnson

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder


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