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If your technology, product, or service has the potential to grow to scale and substantially reduce greenhouse gases, we want to hear from you. We use the below criteria when evaluating companies that desire investment from Clean Energy Ventures.

Investment Criteria

Clean Energy

Your company’s technology, products, or services have the potential to to significantly mitigate climate change through the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHG) associated with the production, distribution, or use of energy. The potential magnitude of GHG reduction should be over 2.5GT between now and 2050.


We invest in, and with, people who will change the world — those with the highest integrity, expertise, and commitment to a clean energy future. Management teams must possess the necessary experience and capabilities to successfully execute their business plan.

Valuation and Investment Returns

We typically lead the first institutional round of investment at valuations less than $10M in order to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns for both investors and entrepreneurs. Factors we consider include the size of the target market, the strength of sustainable competitive advantage, and whether there are strong exit options within a three to six year period.


We invest in companies headquartered in the US and Canada.