Clean Energy Ventures Welcomes Victoria Martins as our new Community Manager

Join us today in welcoming Victoria Martins, our new Community Manager. Victoria joins us to provide day-to-day support to the CEV team and facilitate improved engagement and programming with our portfolio companies, our limited partners, and the climate tech ecosystem at large.

With a strong background in social justice and community building, Victoria strives to drive effective operation of the team and promote an inclusive culture in the CEV community with special attention to diversity, equity and inclusion. She is guided by a strong passion for tackling climate change, which is rooted in her early career in sustainable agriculture and organic urban gardening.

Victoria Martins

“We are so pleased to add Victoria to our team at this important moment in our growth,” said Dan Goldman, Managing Partner at Clean Energy Ventures. “As the climate tech ecosystem and our team continue to expand, maintaining a strong community and continuing to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in that community is critical to our success.”

Prior to joining CEV, Victoria was the Advocacy Manager at Project Bread, where she led over 115 organizations on the Feed Kids, Solve Hunger coalition in the pursuit of universal free school meals in Massachusetts. Her work at Project Bread guaranteed access to free school meals in the 2022/23 school year in Massachusetts, one of only five states in the nation to do so.

Victoria said, “As CEV continues to expand, growing the breadth and quality of our community is atop our agenda, with special emphasis on improving diversity, equity and inclusion in climate tech and venture capital. It’s a great honor to be joining a team that has such strong belief in the need for a framework across the vast network of climate tech innovators and within the investment community.”


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