Our Investor Commitment in Response to the Coronavirus

March 2020

To our current and future startup founders and CEOs,

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented effect on global health and our global economy. As a startup founder, we know you’re concerned on many fronts: concerned for the health of your family, your employees, and the success of the company that you’ve worked so hard to create.

We share your concerns deeply. Together we need to take vigorous action. First, direct your attention and efforts to the health of your community; your well-being and the well-being of your teams are what’s most important. Then, consider ways to protect your organization so it can survive this crisis and prosper in the future. We’re committed to helping you address both these challenges.

If you’re a current investment in our portfolio, you’ve been given aggressive milestones to achieve and deadlines to meet. Through a long-term and collaborative approach, we are committed to working with you to adjust these milestones and facilitate longer runways. We will do all we can to create flexibility in the face of the health and economic challenges ahead.

If you’re seeking investment, we’re committed to continuing to invest actively now and in the coming months. We are moving forward in full force to seek out and invest in promising organizations that can make a meaningful difference in creating a more sustainable planet and way of life. Climate change is an existential threat to humanity—albeit a longer-term threat than this virus. If your company is focused on helping current and future generations live longer, healthier lives over the decades to come, we’re interested.

As our society unites to overcome the coronavirus outbreak, we hope this unity will serve as a promising model – a model for how we can come together to build a safer and more sustainable world for generations.

We, the undersigned, have a responsibility as partners, investors and mentors to stand by your side and support you during hard times. We’re not going anywhere.


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This investor commitment, made in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, is open to all. Any investors wishing to co-sign this open letter may do so. Begin with this form and Clean Energy Ventures will confirm when your organization has been added.

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